Benefits of a Press Release

What can a press release do for you?

Press releases provide many of the same benefits as technical articles and are effective in announcing new innovative products, announcements regarding team members and/or executives and other newsworthy events.

They also “multiply” your coverage in both readers and geography —and your company benefits from being “hot off the presses”! In addition, a well-written and timely press release may receive prominent placement in trade journals and publications and can:

  • Improve SEO and organic search page rankings;
  • Draw readers to your website where you can provide more detail and convert readers to clients.

Press releases serve as effective tools by providing a clear, straightforward message directly to your target market.

Burton’s Pen has successfully placed over 200 articles in prominent trade publications and distributed many topical press releases throughout Canada and the US. We maintain an up-to-date database of editorial and publication contacts that is updated on a regular basis.

For further details regarding articles and press release preparation and distribution, please contact us. Your comments and questions are welcome.





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