Staff and Stakeholder Newsletters

Keeping your staff and other stakeholders up-to-date is more important than ever. You likely have shareholders or partners who need to be kept up-to-date as well. Effective internal communications can be easily maintained with an internal staff newsletter that creates a link between management and employees — providing a forum for company and ‘people’ news. It can also help build trust in the hearts and minds of employees – keeping your best “brand ambassadors” involved.

Improve Your In-House Communications

  • Actively link management to employees with a platform for your shared vision while Informing team members about progress and change.
  • Foster a sense of direction and encourage team spirit.
  • Building and maintaining employee engagement improves productivity and supports your strategic goals.
  • Publishing interviews with employees can place focus on outstanding employee contributions.

Executives may not have the time to sit down with each and every employee every month! – a well-written newsletter, that provides both background and personalized elements, can maintain the connection and foster team spirit.

Newsletter Planning, Design and Execution

Burton’s Pen produces newsletters that are well-read by customers, employees, executives and other corporate stakeholders. High quality writing is essential for setting out what’s new and relevant and evolving plans for the future.

Contact Burton’s Pen to develop a customized newsletter prototype for your company.




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