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Burloak Ladies Masters War Canoe CCA

Burloak Ladies Masters War Canoe CCA

Burloak Ladies Masters War Canoe at 250 mAt 250 metres

The photo labeled Ladies at 250 shows the Burloak Canoe Club, Ladies Masters War Canoe at the 2013 Canadian Canoeing Championships at approximately 250 metres (M) into a 500 m race.

John Wood Stroke
John Wood, Silver Medal, 1976 Montréal Olympics, men’s 500 m C-1

You can see the spectator grandstand in the background which, by the way, when the Olympics were held at this site in 1967 was filled to capacity. That weekend in 1976 I believe John would won a silver medal in the men’s 500 m canoe singles missing the gold medal by 30 8/100 of a second.

In 1967 this particular racecourse was being prepared for the Olympics and the Canadian Canoeing Championships that year were held on a site approximately 700 m south of this location.

That year I won the Black Trophy with the crew of Jeff Green stroking, Scott Lee in front of me on the left and John Wood next to me on the right.

The crew continued to race that year and at the North American Canoe Racing Championships came second by three 100s of the second.


Ladies at the FinishLadies Finish

This photograph is somewhat smaller than ladies at 250 however you look closely you can see the judges stand in the background to the right of the blue umbrella. Again if you look very closely at the concrete base of the judges stand you can see the memorial plaque was unveiled just a few days prior to this race in honor of John Wood, silver medalist at Canada’s Olympic Games in man’s C-1.

We are crossing the finish line right in the middle of Lane three and these ladies had been coached to paddle right through to finish and they are doing so. I must say this was a memorable event and a very strong team effort.

I estimate that if you include the other athletes this event was probably witnessed by well over 500 individuals.

Burloak Canoe Club

Burloak Canoe Club (BCC) is considered one of Canada’s leading flat-water Olympic canoe-kayak racing clubs and its athletes have won the Canadian National Championship 6 times, and the Canadian Masters National Championship 6 times since the club was founded in 1989.

On the 1st day of September this year (2013) the well known club continued its winning tradition “placing” in all four Masters war canoe races at the Canadian Masters canoeing championships which were held on the Olympic course in Montréal – capturing a gold medal first-place finish in the ladies Masters by “open water”. The mixed Masters and men’s Masters also won two silver medals and one bronze.

Visit the clubs “Fall of Fame”.

Photos of the clubs extension of BCC winning tradition in Montreal this year are provided.