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You can expect us to function as part of your team. Burton’s Pen is enthusiastic about seeing your name in print and even more pleased when your phone is ringing! For us – that means establishing a solid exclusive working relationship, and yes – there needs to be, and we expect regular interaction to succeed in the both the short and long term.

Yes we’re used to it!  In most cases we are working from the moment you call us, meaning we are thinking about how to distinguish your company and how to “pitch” an editor.

Normally there is a relatively short research phase, a period when we draft up to material for your review then will contact media outlets and from there it often depends on the media calendar. In the majority of cases we can generally expect feedback from publications and editors in 4 to 6 weeks.

Burton’s Pen quotes by the project and of course there are variations depending on the amount of research and scope of the project.

Typically, we will write a proposal for you, request 50% upfront to get started and issue change orders when and if required. An invoice for the balance is submitted upon completion. Historically our rates have been competitive.

Revisions are expected! They can and will improve the finished product and increase our chances of success – and yours! If you’re not pleased with the finished product it will be revised.

We work with partners who can maximize your website and digital marketing impact through design, SEO optimization and Google business applications.

Go to our contact page and select the option that works best for you. We will arrange a telephone interview or face-to-face meeting within 2 working days.

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