Content Editing

Proofreading and Editing

Small and medium-size companies can encounter significant challenges when it comes to producing consistent written material and website content that stands out clearly from the competition.

One essential function that can be often overlooked involves completing a formal editing and proofreading review of your website content, promotional or marketing materials.

A simple error can mean the difference between maintaining a potential client’s attention – or allowing it to slip away.

Proofing and editing reviews also check material for consistency, including structure and layout, tone and formatting. Burton’s Pen follows a proven checklist to ensure maximum impact. We include the following review points within our checklist:

  • We insure all sentences and paragraphs are short, businesslike and easy to read for potential clients and editors — regardless of their level of expertise.
  • Check the structure of all of your documents carefully to make sure it represents an accurate reflection of your marketing message and distinguishing features of your key team players and your company.
  • Break up large pieces of text with bullet points and checks that there are a sufficient number of images in place to make sure the document is accessible and engaging. We also ensure that typeface is consistent throughout the document.
  • Check sentences for grammatical, typographical or spelling errors, paying particular attention to “preferred language” use.
  • Review written material for logical structure when producing our content paying special attention to formatting.
  • Edit and check all material in consultation with publication editors to ensure accuracy.

Burton’s Pen also reviews any data that can lend insight regarding your problem solving abilities and your willingness to communicate. We have a strong knowledge of what will be positively received and can “shape and sharpen” all of your marketing and website content.




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