Case Studies

Why Use Case Studies?

Case studies are an effective multi-purpose marketing tool providing persuasive and credible demonstrations of how your company succeeded in addressing “real life” challenges for clients in innovative ways. Because case studies are specifically structured with an underlying “storyline”, they create an engaging and effective means to demonstrate your reliability and confirm your willingness to communicate.

The basic formula is relatively simple:

  1. Describe the challenge in detail and outline your applied solution.
  2. Relate how the solution was successfully achieved.
  3. Provide a discussion of the client benefits in detail!


In presenting realistic, complex and factual situations that facilitate clear demonstrations of how you were able to: Resolve problems and conflicts effectively.

  • Maximize your clients time and resources.
  • Add substantial value and benefit.
  • Demonstrate how you kept your client up-to-date at all times*.

*Industry surveys reveal that failure to update customers on a regular basis is a persistent client complaint! – stressing your commitment to communications, using specific examples within your case study, will help distinguish you from the competition!

Burton’s Pen prepares specific case studies to highlight and personalize success stories, introduce key team members and re-affirm your ability to solve problems. In addition, case studies can be utilized very effectively for:

  • editorial article placement in target publications and on your web-site to provide content specific SEO optimization and improve Google search rankings;
  • provide an effective tool to provide immediate responses to information requests and web-site inquiries;
  • case studies are an ideal way to illustrate of how you can quickly solve problems and find cost-effective solution for your clients.

Our skills as professional writers are focused on maintaining the reader’s interest in relevant, interesting and informative case studies.

Third-Party Versatility

Case studies provide ideal 3rd party endorsements —one of the fundamental cornerstones of successful public relations, and are actually extended testimonials that provide specific detail about what your company has done for clients —and how you did it. Your company likely has dozens of success stories we can effectively illustrate.

If this sounds like you, now’s the time to put Burton’s Pen skills to work! Give us a call.

Case study examples – Read about some of the success stories of Burton’s Pen clients!



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