Burloak Masters Men’s War Canoe

Burloak Masters Men’s War Canoe

Mens War Canoe

Mens Masters 2013

In this photograph of the men’s C 15 the photographer perspective is more realistic in that he is directly in line with the boats and you can see what I believe are seven crews battling it out for the lead.

At this stage we’re probably two or perhaps 300 m into the race and the Burloak Canoe Club Men’s Masters has the lead by perhaps half a boat length or approximately 6 to 8 m.

After checking the times at the end of the race seven crews placed within 2 seconds of each other meaning the difference between first and seventh was perhaps three strokes. This indicates the level of competitive excellence for Masters canoeing in Canada.

We placed third for bronze medal missing the silver medal by 31 hundredths of a second. A very powerful showing, very gutsy finish and the 14 paddlers gave their all. There’s a lot of canoeing tradition in this boat – and it showed.



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