Burton’s Wall


Brave New House Now in Session

“First we shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Churchill’s assessment may very well be correct when it comes to our new House of Commons ; the spectacular new facility shown above may in fact play an important role in helping to shape Canada’s future. The comprehensive rehabilitation of the West...


Parliamentary Privileges, The Past and Future of the Houses on the Hill

Tale of Parliamentary restoration wins Browne award for best article May 29, 2018 | Construction Canada The F. Ross Browne Award recognizes editorial excellence in Construction Canada. It was presented this year to Brian Burton for “Parliamentary Privileges, The Past and Future of the Houses on the Hill.” This...


Improving Proposal Win Rates

Top 7 Points to Improve the Proposal Many engineering firms are guilty of repeating the same errors repeatedly in producing flawed proposals that involves incorrect presentation format and poor writing practices involving a number of other shortcomings. In the author’s experience the top seven points to remember are listed...

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