Bio: Brian Burton


Brian Burton —Content Writer and Placement Specialist

Brian has been writing about construction, heritage buildings and building science for over 3 decades and has published more than 300 feature articles in Canadian, US and International publications. He is a CGSB Certified Construction Inspector and has written many articles about quality control, in situ testing, maintenance of the building envelope and the history and background of building science.

He was one of the first construction professionals to publish material relating to maintenance of the building envelope and other issues related to the impact of climate change on buildings and environmental loading on the building envelope.

Career Highlights:
  • Brian developed several training programs including the new Fenestration Technician Certification Program for the CSA and the CWDMA and for the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI).
  • Served on the Technical Committee that prepared the CSA’s new Certification Program for Fenestration Installation Technicians.
  • Served for 9 years on the Standing Committee for Technical Evaluations for CMHC and is a member of the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism (INTBAU) and Association for Preservation Technology.

Brian is a regular columnist for Glass Canada Magazine and is the author of Building Science Forum©. His current interests include: heritage building refurbishment and the rapidly growing use of computers in construction.

Burton’s Pen works with a number of specialized collaborators and strategic partners who assist in professional photography, website design, SEO and digital marketing on an “as required” basis depending on project requirements.


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