Articles & Publications

Brian Burton has been writing about construction, infrastructure, heritage buildings and building science for over three decades. His articles (over 300 feature articles) have been published in Canadian, US and International publications.

Burton assists firms in preparing, writing and submitting editorial and press release content to targeted construction and infrastructure related publications and web-sites. This also includes Association newsletters in both print and electronic formats.

Brian Burton has researched, written and placed articles in the following Canadian and US magazines:

  • Canadian Home Builder
  • Quick Connections; Canadian Non-Profit Housing Association
  • Today’s Builder
  • Canadian Condominium Institute Newsletter
  • Building Strategies
  • Award Magazine
  • Canadian Underwriter
  • Canadian Insurance Broker
  • Engineering Dimensions
  • Builders/Architect
  • Ontario Construction Technologist
  • Remodeling Magazine
  • Home Inspector Journal
  • Canadian Healthcare Magazine
  • Ontario Construction Digest
  • Home Builder Forum
  • Canadian Home Inspector Magazine
Please visit the Archives to see examples of published works.


Online Examples:

The Building Envelope: A Maintenance Challenge  ¦ Journal of Building Physics, Sage Publications

The building envelope which separates the indoor and outdoor environment ad ions to “enclose space in such a manner that the interior environmental conditions can be regulated and controlled within acceptable limits” providing protection for the occupants and interior systems.  Read more→

You Are Going to Hear About It  ¦  Glass Canada

Double facades have two layers of insulated glass separated by a significant air space. A second facade is placed in front of the first to act as insulation enabling the air to circulate in the cavity.  Read more→




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