Article Development and Placement

What can “Getting Published” do for You?

The placement of technical articles in trade publications that reach your specific target markets is a highly effective tool you can employ to raise  and sharpen your corporate profile in the marketplace.

Articles of this nature produce beneficial results because they allow you to:

  • Introduce key team members as well as your company in an informative and engaging manner.
  • Clearly establish and verify your credibility.
  • Substantiate your ability to solve problems and add value.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to communication.
  • Provide independent third-party endorsements.

Original articles create an opportunity to distinguish yourself  “in print” and illustrate what differentiates you from the competition.

Successful placement in well-read trade journals has several essential requirements including:

  • A working knowledge of the publication format, readership and editorial policies. As a rule each publication has its own tone, style and “preferred” word count.
  • Advance knowledge of media calendars.
  • A “track record” of successful submission with Editors and editorial staff.
  • Proven ability to write  an engaging “story-line” idea.
  • Ability to meet all deadlines and expectations of the editorial staff and revising and editing expeditiously as a result of editorial input.

Experience and knowledge of publication preferred word counts and readership interests enables submission of editorial that “meshes” or aligns with their editorial calendar typically increases acceptance rates.

In essence, these publications are in the business of selling advertising and it is essential that the editor update his sales personnel with regard to scheduled “content” as most published material has an advertising “sponsor”. Most publications now have both a print and an on-line version — effectively increasing your visibility and reducing the time it takes to reach your potential clients.

Independently published articles can distinguish you from your competitors

Well-written articles that are not written in an “advertorial” tone  will distinguish you from your competitors and can provide an unbiased presentation that introduces your company and successfully connects with, and engages readers.




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