The Black Trophy – Mixed Master War Canoe BBC

The Black Trophy – Mixed Master War Canoe BBC

Black Trophy BBBlack Trophy

This is a photograph of the Black Trophy taken with two paddlers who managed to win this prestigious piece of canoe racing hardware. Apparently it’s the oldest trophy in Canada for amateur sport and has been awarded annually for Junior men’s C4 single blade since something like 1900.

At one time if you raced for this trophy you automatically became a senior paddler and couldn’t compete in this event again. In 1978 they changed the rules and I attempted to become the first person to win the trophy twice. I came second – to the paddler on the left from Quebec.

The trophy is considered so valuable that the Canadian Canoeing Association now appoints a full-time guardian to watch over the trophy wherever it goes.

If I’m correct they now allow you to take as many pictures as you want when you win it – and then take it back and store it in the box which you can see in the photograph.


Mixed Masters-2

Mixed Masters War Canoe – BCC

This is an excellent photograph of Mixed Masters see 15 on the way to the starting line. In other words we are not racing when this photograph is taken. I’m not entirely certain — this group may be bow heavy by perhaps 1 inch, however, this could be an illusion. Again you’re looking at the right-hand side of the boat with three ladies including the right-hand stroke in the bow of the boat. I believe this group would be very close to seven ladies and seven men and one Coxwain.

This photograph also illustrates the weather quite nicely and you can see the waters quite calm and I believe the Wednesday be something like 6 kn crossing the course from right to left. [This wind had little effect on racing except for the last 50 m and it would probably be a factor for C-1 races however for the most part it was a perfect day for racing.]

This crew won the silver medal in a very strong race and it was a powerful team effort in every respect. Again the coaches deserve a great deal of credit.

This is demonstrated by the fact that we placed in all four races, ladies for gold, mixed for silver, open war canoe for silver [last race of the day] and bronze for man’s Masters War Canoe.

Complements to all and as every paddler knows there are about 250 things that can go wrong in typical war canoe race. On this particular day, with four races completed, it was a unique day in that almost everything went according to plan.

For the record in four races the starter only mentioned our number once!

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